Get ready for the
2019 World Series of Poker!

Put together a poker tournament staking package, and track tournaments entered, payouts and refunds effortlessly.

No More Headaches.

Focus on crushing poker tournaments, not bean-counting in Excel or Google Docs. Here’s how it works.

Create an Account.

Create an account, and fill in your profile with links to your HendonMob stats, 2+2 handle, references, etc. The more info you provide, the more action you’ll get.

List Your Tournaments.

Add tournaments to your package, along with buy-ins, dates, and other vitals. TastyStakes will dynamically calculate the total amount of your package as you do.

Piece Out.

Plug in the % of your total package that you’re selling, your markup, the minimum piece you’ll sell, and TastyStakes will figure out what each piece costs. It even does realtime currency conversion.

Play Your Tournaments.

As you enter tournaments, mark off the ones you play, and the ones you don’t play. TastyStakes will calculate refunds for your stakers automatically.

Report Your Progress.

TastyStakes will give your stakers a realtime synopsis of how your tournament package is progressing, complete with ROI graphs and your update Tweets, all on one page.

Cash Out.

Once you’re done with your package, TastyStakes will tell you exactly how much each staker is owed in terms of payouts, and refunds for tournaments you didn’t enter.

HUD for your Package
Taming investors
Work up a sweat
Fancy graphs

It’s LinkedIn for tournament poker players.

(and yes, it’s free)