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My name is Donald Manns. Been playing poker for over 15 years. played on Stars/FTP/Intertops and now Global poker. Recently my game has accelerated to new levels. I have been putting in insane amounts of volume (For me I know theres sickos out there haha) and with great results.  I have a success story of a $500 stake (see my sharkscope Stayfocused14) I was staked in early june $500 and have cashed $10,000 in tournies since with profit of around 2k in avg $5 Buy ins with ROI of 60% over 1300 MTTs (mainly fields of 100-600). I feel with my recent studies I have advanced my game to a new level mixing todays modern “GTO” play with my strong exploitative play. Just the past 2 days I have seen 5 FTs with a first place in 250gtd, first place in 500gtd 9th in 1500 gtd and 2nd in 1500gtd. (notable 14th place finish in 500gtd) I have taken on gigantic fields of 600 to take a 3rd in the 7k gtd this month. I have really been grinding online to make some money for my live roll as I have always been a much stronger live player. Last december I played 7 $55 2k Gtds at Derby Lanes racetrack in St pete, Fl with amazing success. 1st, 1st, 4th, min cash (16th), bust, bust, bust. Crazy to say but just back 8 months ago I was not good at managing the money so I did end up going broke after blowing a lot of the money :/…. Played a couple 20k gtd live since then with no greater successes than top 150/600+. I am absolutely itching to get back into the live action and I think I would be a sound investment for any potential investers. Just my drive alone has got to be more pure than 70% of the field out there today. My biggest notable cash was a 1st in a 2k gtd for around $1100 (chopped 4 ways and my stack was so big I still got 1st prize money +$100 and 2-4 split the rest.) When I was in NJ I got player of the month 3 times in a single year in the East Coast Poker players league held out of Ringwood, NJ. I have absolute undying passion for this game. Everyday urging to get better and better and stay one step ahead of my opponents. 


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