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(The photo above is of me with poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu. It was taken while watching the final table of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. Daniel is the all-time leader in live tournament cashes with over $33-million in cashes.)

A little about me: 

I’ve been playing poker since 2009. I played a lot of online poker via FullTilt before online poker’s “Black Friday.” I started getting serious about poker in 2013. Now, since my retirement and move to Las Vegas in 2015, to concentrate almost exclusively on the game, it’s become a big part of my life. I keep meticulous records and have recently decided to focus on my tournament play, rather than cash games. I’ve found my hourly rate is better in tournaments and I have an excellent winning percentage at over 20% with an ROI of 48%.

I know how to win at this game and have the patience and stamina that’s important in tournaments. I study the game and work at improving my skills constantly. I know where my leaks are and am working to eliminate them. My worse poker enemy is me! There’s luck involved… no doubt about it, but it’s skill, good decisions and experience that make for winning players.

Here’s a “job description” I wrote regarding my vocation:

Short-Term High-Risk Investment Analyst
Suicide King, L.L.C.

My work revolves around the minute by minute strategic management of highly liquid assets using complex theorems and multifaceted situational, psychological and probability analysis. My responsibilities rely on reason, intuition, the timely use of aggression vs. passivity, manipulation, guile, as well as bravado. Tools of my trade can be mathematical in nature and includes risk analysis as well as the logic of chance elements using odds and probability.

I have the opportunity to work directly with a wide variety of competitors and business associates from all walks of life and various social and economic backgrounds. An important element of my duties includes an intimate knowledge of human nature and sociology with careful observation and analysis of individual character, body and speech mannerisms, as well as group dynamics. It is social Darwinism at its finest.

Other necessary skills include patience, perseverance, commitment, and the dominance of reason over emotion. It is a unique business that rewards the liars and cheaters in all of us.

The war you must win now is the same mind war that all your opponents wage, too. They, too, must learn to play their best game all the time. They will wage that war and lose it. It’s their destiny. You will learn to wage it and win.” ~~ Mike Caro

A Little Long, But this is Why I Play Poker

Thanks for your time and consideration!


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