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aka Michael Gatto, member since 05/19/2015

Michael Gatto has owed me money for many years and rather than pay anything, Gatto chooses to be a deadbeat even though he has apparently won 15k playing a poker tournament. I am unable to contact him, I have given up the idea that I will ever collect a penny of the owed amount of 10k ( I have a promissory note for 6k signed by Gatto) the rest I trusted him. He is not trustworthy so by the nature of your site I would assume that he will not honor any agreement implicit or explicit that may occur. Gatto has zero integrity, zero trustworthiness, and zero self-esteem. I would not trust him to watch my dogs. Michael Gatto is the definition of SCAM and FRAUD – he pretends to be friendly, honest , and knowledgeable – he is none of those things. Just look past the surface or even look at the surface. I am responding to the e-mail in the hope that someone else will be spared the financial disappointment of a creature that will not honor a contract.  Best regards, Daniel Durham.


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Michael Gatto

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WSOP 2015 Staking Package #1 Colossus+ Milly Maker Completed 05/19/2015 2,915.25 70.0% 1.1500 -100.0%
WSOP 2015 Staking Package #2 Monster Stack + Extended Play Completed 05/22/2015 3,990.50 8.0% 1.1500 -