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Hey guys, I’m Addy Litfin (aka: suicidequ33n on WSOP NV.) I’ve been playing tournaments (both live & online) since ~2009 and I am a winning MTT player across several online networks.

I am selling up to 40% of my action for the WSOP Main Event at 1.2MU (1% = $120) and I plan to play Day 1C on July 7th.

So far this series I have cashed 8x for over $30k.
(Including 2 WSOP cashes, with a deep 15th place run in the $1k WSOP #30, as well as a FT at Planet Hollywood.)

-PP/BoA/Google Wallet/$ in Vegas* (*only if I already know you IRL)
-Any sponsorship/promotional/last longer deals and/or swaps are mine to keep.

WSOP NV Stats:

Here’s a quick interview I did with P5s last summer about playing tournament poker in NV:…equ33n-589819/

If you decide to reserve a piece I must receive your $-transfer before the event begins or I will consider the action unreserved. If you are giving me cash in Vegas (*again, this option is reserved for people I already know IRL) I must receive your cash *before* the event begins or I will consider the action unbooked. If ( — nay, WHEN!) I cash I will need your personal info (including SSN) and you will be responsible for taxes on your share.

References: Katie Dozier (hotjenny314), Kenny Hallaert (SpaceyFCB), Matt Stout

I will be updating from my twitter account @killahmcgillah throughout the event.

Please & thanks for considering!

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up to 40.0% available for sale
$10,000.00 in buy-ins

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61of available pieces

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for 1.0% @ 1.2000 markup

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Totals 0.00 0 0.00
68c - Main Event (No-Limit Hold'em) - Day 1c 07/07/2015 10000 8 - - -
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“Investor # 01” ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? -
Totals ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? $??? $???