Direct Buy-In for Day 2 (ITM) of Event #20 WPTDS at the Bike

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Hi investors, I’m selling action for Event #20 of WPT Deepstacks at The Bicycle Casino. Interesting concept in this one as they are letting people buy-in directly into Day Two which means we would already be “In The Money” and guaranteed a small return on investment, and it also means that 90% of the field will already be eliminated, which increases the odds of a super deep run at some nice money. This is an incredibly low risk investment with an extremely high value as the prizepool will exceed 250k easily and have a first place prize over 50k. I will sell up to 55% at 1.1.

If for whatever reason I end up not playing this event, the investor will be paid back in full.

I will be posting updates on my Blog during every break or after every big hand I am involved in:…

Any cashes over over 5k profit and I will need proper paperwork for taxes or I will withhold 30% for tax purposes.

Good luck us!

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up to 55.0% available for sale
$1,100.00 in buy-ins

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55of available pieces

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for 5.0% @ 1.1000 markup

Payment Deadline


PayPal, Wells Fargo or Cash at the Bike.
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WPT Deepstacks Event #20 Direct Day Two Buy-In 07/10/2015 1100 1 - - -
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“Investor # 02” ?% $??? $??? $??? $???
Totals ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? $??? $???