Muztard June Shares

for Muztard, aka Brandon Reimer


Ok so ive managed to get 16 days off in June. 

Sunday-wednesday every week in june.

My plan is to play 1 tournament a day to remain fresh and at my best.

My package is spread across 4 weeks.

I am looking to sell 30%

Since I have zero history selling shares the markup will be minimal as I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to play these events.

Dont worry though, after I have a couple nice scores the July package will be full of markup!

Now, on to the value!

Sunday 6/3 $1100 MSPT  Day 1A @ Venetian

Monday 6/4 $1100 MSPT Day 1B @ Venetian*

Tuesday 6/5 $1100 MSPT Day1C @ Venetian*

Wednesday 6/6 $1100 MSPT Day 1D @ Venetian*

Sunday 6/10 $600 MSPT

Total Package


up to 50.0% available for sale
$0.00 in buy-ins

Amount Booked


50of available pieces

Minimum Piece


for 1.0% @ 1.0000 markup

Payment Deadline


Your payment methods go here...
Tournament Date Buy-In Days Entered Placed Cashed For
Totals 0.00 0 0.00
Investor   % Bought Amount Paid Payout Refund Total Paid Out
Totals ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? $??? $???