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Hello future investors!

My name is Matt Peters and I’m selling 60% of my action for the $10k, 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. This will be my second time playing the big one.

A little about me: I do life on my terms. I own a coffee shop in Washington, where I reside. I recently returned from a 6 week back packing adventure through East Asia and Bali. It was pure freedom and fun and a much needed break from the monotony of city living. Truth be told, I entertained the idea of moving overseas to grind online because the action is constant and the cost of living so attractive. However, a business opportunity in Seattle and my affinity for the world series of poker brought me back. This is a special year for me with so much positive momentum heading into the Series; I feel clear headed, focused and I’m eager to compete. Leading up to the Main Event, I am playing 4 bracelet Events which I have sold out action in. These events are: Colossus, 50/50 DK, Little one for one drop, and Lucky 7’s Tourney.

Since I live in Seattle Washington, where online poker has been deemed a felony since 2009, I haven’t played much online, but I’ve put a lot of time and energy in playing live. I’ve been playing in the 3-5 NL games and studying competitive tournament poker since 2010 and am constantly learning and evolving my game.

My most recent cash occurred at last years $1,500 Monster stack WSOP Event #51, where I placed 487th of 7,862 runners for $4,033. I appreciate your time and interest. You can see some of my tournament results at

The minimum investment is 5%. It’s much easier to communicate and transfer money to 10 people rather than 20.

I am charging 30% markup because in addition to putting up my own capital for the tournament, I am putting in long hours at the table, paying for hotel, food and transportation. I also believe that I am a very profitable investment for you at this price.

5% = $650

Every additional percent is $130

Funds can be transferred to me via Pay Pal or cash in hand. I will be updating my Facebook and Twitter account as much as humanly possible while at the tables. I treat my investors’ funds with the utmost respect and will always keep lines of communication open between us should you decide to invest in me. I reserve the right to cancel this package for whatever reason. If I do not play this event, I will refund the tournament buy-ins with markup. If I cash, I will need to collect tax information, so I can have proof that I paid out $. If I get the info I need from you, you will get all your winnings and be responsible for your own taxes. If not, I will withhold 35% to cover the taxes. Thank you for your consideration, and good luck!

Matt Peters

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up to 60.0% available for sale
$10,000.00 in buy-ins

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50of available pieces

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for 0.0% @ 1.3000 markup
rounded up to the nearest $1.00

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68c - Main Event (No-Limit Hold'em) - Day 1C 07/07/2015 10000 10 - - -
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