NO MARK UP Main Event Day 1C

for SlippinJimmie , aka Benito Espinoza


This is a long shot, but I’m wanting to act on a long time dream of mine and play in The Main Event of World Series of Poker this year! I figured I would ask for backers, so here goes nothing.

This package is for the 2017 WSOP Main  Event Day 1C beginning on 07/10/2017.

I play a weekly Monday night tournament at a local casino that has 35-50 entrants on average. This 2017 I have played in 9 of the weekly Monday night tournament and have chopped for 1st 6 of those times for a ROI of 425%. I also played in a 10K Guarantee at Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe for a $250 buy in that I chopped 3 ways for $3300.  That is $12,480 in Cashes for 2017 in 10 tournaments played and a combined ROI of roughly 500%. Not bad if I say so myself. So please, take a chance on me…… 

For those of you who have never staked a player before (for my family & Friends):

The way this works is if I end up cashing in a tournament, you will be given X% of the winnings where X is the percentage of the buy-in you contributed for that tournament.


— If payment is not made prior to 12 pm on 7/9 for Main Event, action will be considered unbooked. 

— If payment is not made prior to 12 pm on 6/3 for The Colossus III, action will be considered unbooked. 

— Updates will be made via Twitter: @BennyE313

— Copies of tournament receipt available upon request. 


— Paypal: (Send as “GIFT”) 


— 1099s will be issued for cashes of over $5K in net profit.   

— Purchase of a package constitutes your agreement for responsibility for your proportion of taxes due Uncle Sam. 

email me at if you have any questions.  Thanks for even getting this far and considering a guy like me. 

Total Package


up to 60.0% available for sale
$10,000.00 in buy-ins

Amount Booked


44of available pieces

Minimum Piece


for 0.5% @ 1.0000 markup

Payment Deadline


Tournament Date Buy-In Days Entered Placed Cashed For
Totals 0.00 0 0.00
73c - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship 07/10/2017 10000 8 - - -
Investor   % Bought Amount Paid Payout Refund Total Paid Out
“Investor # 01” ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? -
“Investor # 02” ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? -
Totals ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? $??? $???