Want to buy a % of the 2015 Main Event Champ?? NO MARK UP>

for BigBreturnstopoker, aka Brian O'Sullivan


I am putting up 50% of myself for the Main Event and selling the other 50. 30 of that has quickly been bought up so I have 20% left to sell…..

20/21 in Cash Games so far at the RIO during the WSOP. Playing well and running well. Also made a very deep run in the Colossus this year.

Total Package


up to 20.0% available for sale
$0.00 in buy-ins

Amount Booked


80of available pieces

Minimum Piece


for 1.0% @ 1.0000 markup

Payment Deadline


Pay Pal, Chase Instant Pay
Tournament Date Buy-In Days Entered Placed Cashed For
Totals 0.00 0 0.00
Investor   % Bought Amount Paid Payout Refund Total Paid Out
Totals ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? $??? $???