WSOP 2016-No Markup

for mj.lee, aka Andrew Lee


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for $2,500.00 in buy-ins

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for $7,236.00 in cashes

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$0.00 based on a $2,500.00 package @ $12.50 per 0.5% piece



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I am a cash game pro residing in Los Angeles and I have finally made time to be able to play my first WSOP this year. I have never done anything on tasty stakes therefore I am relatively pretty new to this.
Finally my shot at the WSOP has come! Good news is that the payouts have expanded to 15% from 10%  and the starting stacks have also increased, which will give me more of an edge in early stages of the tournaments. The stacks being increased tremendously is a huge advantage to me, due to my hand reading skills and playing deep stack poker. I have been crushing the cash games in the Los Angeles area for quite some time, and truly believe I have reached a significant peak in my poker career. I am an overall 82% winner in the cash games that I play and have substantial hourly in comparison to other cash game players in the limit that I play(other cash game pros that know me can vouch this statement for me). If you would like to come along this adventurous deep run with me, take a piece and don’t miss out!
In addition, due to the fact that this is my first run at the WSOP, I have made this package at NO MARKUP, which will also be another +EV move to get in the action.

Milly Maker
Monster Stack
Crazy Eight’s Eight Handed NLH
Main Event

There are a few more events that I would like to play, but these are the top five that are on my guarantee list…
So don’t miss out on this opportunity and follow along… who knows if I do run deep in these events…Let us all make some money!!!

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up to 50.0% available for sale
$2,500.00 in buy-ins

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50of available pieces

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for 1.0% @ 1.0000 markup

Payment Deadline


Chase Pay
Tournament Date Buy-In Days Entered Placed Cashed For
Totals 2,500.00 2 7,236.00
17 - No-Limit Hold'em 06/12/2016 1000 3 197 1988.00
46 - BOUNTY No-Limit Hold'em 06/27/2016 1500 3 157 5248.00
Investor   % Bought Amount Paid Payout Refund Total Paid Out
Totals ?% $??? $??? $??? $??? $??? $???