for cmyx4bj, aka Alex flores


I’m a nobody in a world that I want to be in…Poker is the only thing in my life that make me want to achieve greatness…I’ve always been a short stacked poker player and what I mean is I play in games that are not life changing..I’ve never gone broke when playing because I always followed bankroll mgmt but like poker it can be a roller coaster..I just bought a brand new car and bills are higher than what I projected…I just noticed my friend Kevin Odonnell is registered on here and like the idea of asking for a chance to create a dream… Quiz me play me heads up I will audition to show that my game is strong and just need a little faith from someone to let me be a horse for you in the most affordable wsop tournament the colossus…

I will give you 75% of all my winning

Total Package


up to 75.0% available for sale
$0.00 in buy-ins

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25of available pieces

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for 0.0% @ 1.0000 markup

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