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Over the past 8 years I have cashed in 4 of the 11 WSOP events (3 Main Events ‘08,’09 & ‘11) I have entered.

I have cashed in the Main Event in ‘08 and I also made day 3 in the Main in 2011 but didn’t cash unfortunately.

I hadn’t played any WSOP events since 2011 until my recent visit earlier this month for the Colossus, due to my better half being diagnosed with cancer early in 2012 whilst being pregnant.

You need to be in a good space mentally whilst playing poker. I needed to be with my family instead so I quit playing full time all together.

My better half has healed from her cancer (knock on wood). Life stresses have subsided and so I recently started playing poker on a more regular basis again on weekends within the Seattle area. I took down a tiny daily tourney of 90 entrants a few weeks back at Tulalip and made another final table a few days later in a $140 buy-in. Even though I had these small wins, I don’t have a poker bankroll anymore which can sustain sending me on a trip to Vegas. I managed to find several old loyal investors for a trip to play the Colossus and other side events in Las Vegas.

I’m looking forward to going back to Vegas for a second time this summer to give it another shot with their and your help.

Here is a link to my first package this summer:…

I also have another package listed for the week preceding the main event named WSOP part two.

As you will notice I didnt make a big profit but I had several positive results includng another WSOP cash in the Colossus, where I was knocked out by 3rd place finisher Ray Henson.

Come sweat me this summer at the RIO!

If you use paypal please make sure it says a ‘gift’ and dont mention ‘poker’ or ‘gambling’ in the description.

If you have any questions then you can email me or tweet me @HustletoHealth.



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Totals 0.00 0 0.00
68a - Main Event (No-Limit Hold'em) - Day 1a 07/07/2015 10000 10 - - -
Investor   % Bought Amount Paid Payout Refund Total Paid Out
Jacob Wise 2% 220.00 0.00 220.00 220.00
Simon Tung 0.8% 88.00 0.00 88.00 88.00
Totals 2.8% 308.00 308.00 0.00 308.00 308.00 0.00