Rail the Action.

Cards are in the air, join the rail & cheer ’em on

I am offering a 5 Event Staking Package for the 2018 WSOP.

There will be ZERO MARKUP for this Package.

I feel that since this is my first public offering it is very fair for me to take sole responsibility for the costs associated with attending and playing these events. While I do feel that I stand to have a decent EV in the Tournaments I have chosen I also believe that offering this package at ZERO MARKUP is obviously very reasonable. 

I thank you in advance for taking the time to consider joining me on this journey.

- ChipXtractor (Steve C.)

(Quick notes: I plan on entering each event listed. However if circumstances do not allow me to do so I will adjust all finances accordingly. Also, If/when we cash big I may need to get W9’s for your information, then send out 1099-MISC’s in early 2019 depending on performance. If you don’t want to provide this, I can instead withhold 30% of profits.)

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