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The highly anticipated 2019 WSOP is soon to be upon us, and as I did last summer I will be listing a sheet of No limit holdem events in a package of events here on Tasty Stakes. The excitement is building, as well as the focus. I am committed to building off of my strategical process in handling such a full schedule that I found success in last summer after a 26 tournament grind capped off by a main event cash followed by a 3rd place finish in the WSOP $1500 Half Omaha half no limit event. My investors were happy throughout the process of me playing over $65,000 in buyins, cashing for just over $100k. This year I will be playing a very similar schedule of events, I have been studying with some of the best tools and coaches on the planet, coupled with mass tournament volume and experience. I believe WSOP 2019 can be a 7 figure summer.

About the package:

A couple of the tournaments have multiple buyin’s built in as there are multiple starting flights. In event’s I advance in without using the allotted amount of buyins, refunds will be made promptly.

As I will be playing a full sheet of events, I reserve the right to cancel a given individual event if I feel I need rest or for whatever reason I am wanting to miss an event, as I feel balance is key in sustaining focus throughout the duration of the WSOP and investors are best served with me playing when I am feeling most up to it.

I am selling at a rate of 1.3 as I feel I have a greater edge than this in the listed events, and allows for a valuable investment. I believe to be among the elite skill level wise and consider this to be an investment with tremendous upside.

Phone number and text updates provided throughout

I accept Cash in Vegas, Venmo, Zelle, America’s Cardroom $

Currently Playing:

Gary Benson
20 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud
Gary Benson
29 - $10,000 HORSE
Todd Witteles
19a - Millionaire Maker - $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em - Flight A
Billy Johnson
WPT Aria
Billy Johnson
WSOP - Double Stack
Kenna James
34b - $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em - Flight B
Dana Buck
34a - $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em - Flight A

Upcoming Events:

Jesse Vilchez
$3k WSOP Shootout NLHE
06/15/2019 @ 11:30am
Kenna James
37 - $800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack
06/16/2019 @ 11:00am
Dana Buck
37 - $800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack
06/16/2019 @ 11:00am
Billy Johnson
Venetian - Epic Stack
06/16/2019 @ 12:00pm
Alex Christian
50b - Monster Stack - $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em - Flight B
06/22/2019 @ 10:00am
Todd Witteles
60 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better
06/25/2019 @ 3:00pm
Caroline Bassett
64c - $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold’em - Flight C
06/29/2019 @ 10:00am
Jay Harris
69 - $1,000 Mini Main Event
07/01/2019 @ 11:00am
Todd Witteles
72 - $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship
07/02/2019 @ 3:00pm
Marc Goone
73c - $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em MAIN EVENT - World Championship - Flight C
07/05/2019 @ 12:00pm