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Thanks for checking out my 2018 WSOP package. 

A couple things to note:

First, unlike most poker players who charge a markup to stake them, this package is being offered mostly to  friends and family only and so I’ve decided I will not be charging ANY markup.   For those unfamiliar with staking, this means that whatever percentage you invest, you will receive that percentage of my payouts.  (Typical markup is 10 percent or more).  The mark up showing at 1.0 in my package simply means you are paid out at a one-to-one ratio.  A ten percent markup would be represented as 1.1.

Second,  please keep in mind that it will be highly unlikely that I will be able to play all the events listed in the package (e.g., if I advance to day 2 or 3 of an ongoing event it may prevent me from entering the next scheduled event. The same thing goes for events that allow multiple entries - I may advance on  the first try and not play another scheduled entry for that event).  So the total package amount is sure to be an overestimation and investors will receive a refund for events not entered after the package concludes.  The refund amount will be calculated as:  (percentage of stake) * (total buy-ins of events not played).  

The “rounding” event at the bottom of my list of tourneys is just to bring the amount to a whole number so we aren’t dealing with sending fractions of a dollar back and forth. 

The maximum piece that you may stake is 15%,  the minimum is 1%, or you can do any amount in between.  Only 50pct of my package is up for grabs, I’ll have the rest of it.

PAYPAL will not be accepted for this package due to the stringent anti-gaming regulations of the site, and the possibility of the account being frozen.  Recommended payment method is Zelle https://www.zellepay.com/ which acts as a quick pay transfer with most major US banks.  

Venmo username: Clint-Monfort

Zelle email address: cbmonfort@gmail.com

A large positive summer may result in paper checks being issued to the investors due to the daily and weekly limits of Venmo and Zelle.  

Thanks!  Hope to see some of you out in Vegas!

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