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Thanks for buying a piece of my 2019 WSOP package! I selected a handful of events to play that I believe will provide the highest potential ROI and have some of the softer player fields.

If I advance to day two or three in a particular tournament, it may prevent me from entering the next scheduled event. The same thing goes for events that allow multiple entries (I may advance on the first try and not play another scheduled entry for that event). Investors will receive a refund for events not entered after the package concludes. The refund amount will be calculated as: (percentage of stake) * (total buy-ins of events not played).

The maximum piece that you may stake is 15%, the minimum is 1.5%, or you can do any amount in between (so long as it is a whole percent or a half percent.)The site won’t allow other fractional percentages. Only 50pct of my package is up for grabs, I’ll have the rest of it.

Last year was a fun one and the 2018 package provided a 134% return for investors over 6 weeks. We had two cashes, a final table, and made Day 3 of the Main Event, just a few hours away from the money. For those of you who booked last year, I waived any markup on my package. For those of you unfamiliar with tournament staking, professional players (and even recreational players typically charge a “mark up” on their tournament package. This is to at least minimally offset the player’s time invested and travel/accommodation costs. Common mark ups range from 1.2 to 1.6. Meaning that for every $1.20 you invest, you’d receive a $1 share of the tournament buy-ins.

After consulting with a number of professional poker players, It was recommended that I use a mark up of 1.2-1.3 pct. But I ended up going with a lower mark up of only 1.15 for this year. The site will auto-calculate everything. Just select the percentage you would like to stake and it will give you the corresponding dollar amount owed. Confirm the amount you’d like to buy, book the piece, and it will prompt you to send payment via Venmo or Chase Quick Pay.

Venmo username: Clint-Monfort
Chase quick pay email address: cbmonfort@gmail.com

**Any large tournament scores may require me to issue 1099s for tax purposes.

Thanks again for the support, let’s see if we can make some more deep runs this year! Follow along to track my progress during the series here and at WSOP.com.

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