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Following my recent 14th place finish (569 entries)  in Jacksonville’s WPT DeepStacks 1st Event - I’ve decided to play in Maryland LIVE’s WPT DeepStacks Main Event on March 23-26. 

Buy-in is $1,500, but I’m only selling $500 with no mark-up.

NOTE: This site does not allow two decimal percentages - so if you care to purchase a piece, simply find the nearest $$ amount and round up. I’m trying to book in $25 increments.

As a deep stack cash game player, I think my edge is in playing post-flop. Deep stacks force players used to 100bb tournies to make tough decisions, which are often incorrect.

In all my last deep stack events, I’ve made it to Day 2 with 10+bbs. And my bust-out hands have been mostly coolers (KQ vs TT on a AJT board/ KK vs 66 All In preflop). 

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