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I’ve never requested staking on any form like this previously and 99% of the time cover all of my own costs.  I currently work full time, and don’t have a lot of time for tournaments in general, but am taking a lot of time off in June specifically for WSOP along with a couple of smaller MTT’s. 

I haven’t taken many WSOP shots due to bankroll concerns, but I’ve never requested staking before.  You can take a look at my Hendon, and see I’ve done pretty well in the events I’m entering at lower stakes once taking back to back 1st in Venetian Deepstack PLO8 and then next day in O8/Stud8.  Winning a first in HORSE WPT 550$ buyin. Taking down an 8-game event, along with Other HORSE and O8 variants… 

The 4 tournaments I plan on playing are all 1500$ and I’m looking to cover half of myself and be staked for half.  I’ll be doing the WSOP O8 on the 31st of May, the 1500$ WSOP HORSE, 1500$ 8-Game, and 1500$ Mixed Omaha. 

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