Rail the Action.

Cards are in the air, join the rail & cheer ’em on

I’m selling up to 50% of my $5k buy in WPT Main Event
action at 1.2 ($60 per 1%),   I will play Day 1A  on Saturday July
21,2018. Follow me on IG at LocBoxPoker for real time updates during the

Taxes / Misc:

Shares are
for a percentage of my Main Event cashes only and do not include
sponsorships / endorsements / a piece of the SLC Mercedes Roadster if I
win.  I will require staker tax info (Full name, address, SSN) to
fill out the necessary IRS forms in the event of a cash which
generates a W-2G. Stakers who provide that info will get their full share of
cashes with nothing withheld, otherwise I will need to withhold 35% for taxes.
If I’m unable to play for any reason, your full share (including markup) will be refunded.

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