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Whats up guys,

This is my package for three tournaments I plan on playing this late June. Listed are 7 possible entries (incase I brick every day); You will be fully refunded if do not participate in ANY GIVEN ENTRY;

Notable Cashes:

(05/29/18) $250 NLH 250k Guarantee @ The Gardens; 5th Place: $21,000


Refunds / Taxes / Misc:

Buy-ins for any events that I don’t end up playing will be refunded (including markup). Shares are for a percentage of MTT cashes only and don’t include sponsorships / endorsements / pieces of a bracelet or trophy. I will require staker tax info.(Full name, address, SSN) to fill out the necessary IRS forms in the event of a cash which generates a W-2G. Stakers who provide that info will get their full share of cashes with nothing withheld, otherwise I will need to withhold 30% for taxes. I will be posting tournament receipts on Instagram (@m_j_dlg) along with update during breaks.  Please feel free to message me with any questions. 


Currently Playing:

Upcoming Events: