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Hi, folks!

I am selling up to 75% of my action to the Venetian $1,110 SuperStack 1.5M GTD.

After recently coming off of a deep run in the Wynn $1600 Main Event - finishing 107th for $6,220 - and making it late into Day 2 of the Main Event, I am looking forward to closing out this summer strong with one final tournament. You can view my previous WSOP packages that recently sold on 2 + 2 and TastyStakeshere:



  1. Venetian SuperStack 1.5M GTD x 2 (@1.10 Markup) 7/15 (Flight C) - 12PM

Package Total: $2,442

1% - $24.20

5% - $121

20% - $484

Payment Options: I prefer PayPal, WF SurePay, and Venmo.

Updates:I will post receipts and numerous updates on a separate Twitter account exclusively for poker-related updates, @NickZautraPoker. 


Matthew Hunt aka “theginger45” (Tournament Poker Edge Pro/Coach)

Michael Zulker (Las Vegas Pro)

Contact Info:Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Skype: nick.zautra

Email: nzautra@indiana.edu

Website: www.nickzautra.com

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