Rail the Action.

Cards are in the air, join the rail & cheer ’em on

What’s up guys, Ryan Hemmel here selling action for my 2018 WSOP Main Event. You can find some information about me in the link to my current Vegas package below:


I’m selling up to 50% of my Main Event action at 1.15 ($115 per 1%), with a discount to 1.10 ($110 per 1%) for pieces of 5% or greater. As of now I’m planning to play Day 1B  on July 3 but that is subject to change.

Shares are for a percentage of my Main Event cashes only and don’t include sponsorships / endorsements / a piece of the bracelet if I win.  I will require staker tax info (Full name, address, SSN) to fill out the necessary IRS forms in the event of a cash which generates a W-2G. Stakers who provide that info will get their full share of cashes with nothing withheld, otherwise I will need to withhold 30% for taxes. If I’m unable to play for any reason, your full share (including markup) will be refunded.

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