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Hi All, Ryan Hemmel here selling action for a 2018 WSOP / Vegas package. See below for my WSOP ME package from last year with some details about me: 


Since then, I’ve been working a lot on my MTT game. I’ve reviewed and re-reviewed all the material from the Upswing MTT Master Class and am an active participant both in the Facebook study group for the class as well as a couple Skype groups made up of members from that class. I’ve also jumped back into online MTTs (mostly Ignition / WPN) to sharpen my skills and have turned a small profit even with a pretty large downswing recently. 

Biggest online scores over the past year have been:
  • 3rd - Ignition $110K GTD for $12k
  • 1st - WPN $40K GTD 6-max for $7.6k
  • 1st - Ignition $25K GTD for $4.5k
Live results: http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=147841

I’ll be in Vegas from June 2-14 and June 23 until the end of the WSOP ME. I may sell for the WSOP ME at a later date and will give first priority to investors from this package.

Refunds / Taxes / Misc

I’m rounding the package to $208.40 per 1% (not the $208.47 showing on TastyStakes).

Buyins for any events that I don’t end up playing will be refunded (including markup). Shares are for a percentage for MTT cashes only and don’t include sponsorships / endorsements / pieces of a bracelet or trophy.  I will require staker tax info (Full name, address, SSN) to fill out the necessary IRS forms in the event of a cash which generates a W-2G. Stakers who provide that info will get their full share of cashes with nothing withheld, otherwise I will need to withhold 30% for taxes. 

I’ve paid out over $50k to past investors on 2p2 without any issues. I will be posting tournament receipts on Twitter and (@RAHZero) along with updates during breaks. Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks!

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