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This package is for $235+ tournaments, excluding the Thursday Thrilla - I will have a separate package for that tournament.

Hi  Everyone!

I am offering stakes for this October’s Run It Up Reno from Oct 19-22.  Over the last two RIU Reno’s I have two first place finishes, one second and third , an eighth, and many other cashes. This package will include multiple No-Limit Hold’em and mixed game tournaments.  

Stakes are in 2.5% increments and apply to each tournament in the package.  If I end up not playing a tournament - due to making a day 2 or deciding to opt out due to fatigue - your percentage for that tournament will be refunded.  Rebuys have been included in the package - If I end up not needing to rebuy or if it is too late to rebuy, those stakes will be refunded.

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