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I’ll be playing a few select events for the 2019 WSOP.
If you want winnings, book a piece with me. My background is a Texas Holdem PL, Holdem NL, 2-7 card game.
I’ve played mostly PLHoldem. I’ve played in 6 different WSOP tournaments, only cashed one of them in my life.
I’m going to be going to connectitcut August 15th, and return August 26th.
All tournaments that I’m buying in are going to be played during this period.
I will be entering all tournaments, follow my schedule.
august 15th - buyin $330 + 70 (20k GTD) 1 day
august 16th - $515 + 85 ( 500k gtd ) 4 day
august 20th - $600 No-Limit Hold’em $40K GTD 2 day
august 23rd - $1,700 No-Limit Hold’em $500K GTD

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