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Hi Tastystakes Community,

I’m Stayfocused420 aka Donald Manns. I am looking to get into the action of SHRPO this year but want to make the trip worth while as I am 4 hours away from Ft Lauderdale, Fl where events are being held. I have been playing poker for 15 years with some moderate success (A lot of online @ Global Poker) I am looking to take this series by storm and will offer the best deals for stakers willing to take a shot with a newer player in the staking world. I have a success story of a $500 stake (see my sharkscope Stayfocused14) I was staked in early june $500 and have cashed $10,000 in tournies since with profit of around 2k in avg $5 Buy ins with ROI of 60% over 1300 games. I feel with my recent studies I have advanced my game to a new level mixing todays modern “GTO” play with my strong exploitative play.

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