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POKER WORLD!!!!! What’s good FAM? How are my free livin, American dreamin, sweatin the river, feignin, grinders doin!?! What’s your poker study to play ratio today? Be honest with yourselves and be the best, never rest, never less, just confess that you are worth one more hand! Marry the process and divorce the results! One hand at a time, never you mind, the doubt that surrounds you. Get locked in and Lock.It.Up! -The Grinder

Shout out to Chicago Joey for giving me inspiration to make intros fun!

As a Marine Corp veteran managing my mental health daily, I use poker to cope with PTSD, anxiety and depression. It feels good to get excited about the 50th WSOP!!! However, in lieu of building my roll for the series, I spent all of my time developing the Just Win Project! (www.just-win.org) Video here

I put together this MTT package because the 50th WSOP is a perfect launchpad for us to connect with the world and show them how beneficial poker can be for our veterans and society. If poker is teaching machines how to think and keeping elders sharp, it can teach veterans how to control their short-term mental triggers that are leading some to homelessness and even suicide.

The vast majority of poker professionals have learned to control tilt and I can anecdotally attest to the success I have had coping with my environment by studying poker and the minds of the best in the game. I have a vlog that I am starting called WatiThk. and I hope that some of you will check it out.

In terms of my production on the felt, I have never been staked. I have recorded 57 tournaments since 2012. My buy-ins have totaled $43,700 and I have cashed-out for $55,916. My buy-ins have ranged from $185 - $10,000. My ROI is 28% and I have cashed in 12 of the events (21.1%), to include deep runs in the Monster Stack (2015) and Goliath (2016). The average field size for my cashes included 2,100 players and my average placement was in the top 5.85% of the field.

Your investment in this package is about more than staking, we have a message that can positively impact up to 3M American veteran lives. Your contributions will empower my voice and reach. I would really appreciate you all using me as an example to give other veterans the courage to come-out about their struggles. Needless to say, everything I make will go into pursuing the cause.

Payment Methods: Venmo or Cash in Hand. I cannot accept buy-ins after the start of the first event on June 1, 2019 because it would be unfair to everyone else.

Pieces: Increments of 1.5% per piece with a 12% max (8 pieces) per Staker. I would like to work with at least 5 Stakers and I hope no more than 20 even though there are 40 shares.

Money Management Plan and Returns: I guarantee a return of no less than $100 to every share purchased, which means your maximum exposure is $471.11.

It is nearly certain that I will not play in every tournament listed in this package. Therefore, I need to address the overage. I see that on TastyStakes the common option is to refund the difference. However, the point of a package is to minimize variance, for which there is a lot in MTTs and, I do plan to play cash games. Furthermore, I am unwilling to face the moral dilemma of running bad in the MTTs but crushing the cash games. So, I am extending good faith to spread each share to all of my poker action from June 1 to June 27. If I should continue past June 27, and thru the rest of the WSOP, I will sell a second package exactly like this one and each of you will have first-priority.

This package will be paid-out no later than August 1, 2019.

I have people who will be capturing content and tracking all of the action (cash/MTT). I will provide routine updates through my social media.

Taxes: Either we complete the paperwork, or I’ll have to withhold the following on the profits:

Winnings less than $500k: 40%.

$500k to $1M: 42.5%

$1M+: 45%

I live in Hawaii where the combined state and federal taxes reach as high as 48% and I ran a calculator to derive these numbers.

To learn more about me, check-out my LinkedIn Profile.

Feel free to contact me at: just.win.vets@gmail.com

Website: www.just-win.org

YouTube Channel: whtithk

Much more is in development, look for website updates, and stay tuned!

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