Rail the Action.

Cards are in the air, join the rail & cheer ’em on

It’s that time of year again!!!   Last year was my best year so far with highlights:

* PLO8 final table
* 20th in Ladies event

NOTE:  Due to unknown work commitments I have listed all the tournaments I might play.  Each tourney with the exception of Seniors, PLO8 and Ladies events will be game day, go no-go decisions.  My total buy ins will be less that listed as many of the optional tournies I will not be able to play due to work commitments.. 

That said, I continue to work on my game and I hope you all will sweat me again this year.  ROI for my investors the last few years has been rather good so don’t miss out.

2016 I made a 30% return

2017 I made a 185% return 

Don’t be fooled by Hendon Mob stats of other players!!  I am a big winning cash game player with sound fundamentals in many games ranging from NL to PLO8 to limit draw games, BigO stud8.  My results speak for themselves and I have sold out my package every year so don’t miss out.

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