Rail the Action.

Cards are in the air, join the rail & cheer ’em on

Last year I made my investors 30% return!..  This year I am going to be staying in Vegas for the series but being a bit more selective with the tournaments I am going to play.  

come sweat with me and have a little fun and make some money!!!  

Main Event favors cash game players because we are used to playing deep.  I am a winning cash game player in 2/5,5/10 NL and mix games ( stud8, omaha8, plo8, bigO, etc.. )  and have been for years.  I study the game alot and have improved my game to the point that I feel I have a significant edge on the field.  I have only played the Main Event once before many years ago when I wasn’t nearly as good a player as I am today 

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