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Hello everyone!!!!!!

total package will include 1 bullet for each single table satellite. Any unused bullets will be returned to the bankroll And used in further satellites.

All Lammers and cash won in any satellites will be used as buyins for into bracelet events or satellites into larger bracelet events .

Single table satellites and mega satellites will range in buyins from $10 - $275 with all satellites being documented here and in group messenger chat .

I had great success in the few I played last year and was 1 table away from my main event buyin when jack effel stopped all satellites because they needed the tables for the largest flight of the MAIN EVENT!!!!!

Any Events played as a result of winning said satellites will be documented and winnings will be paid out in accordance to percentage each person holds.

All unused funds shall be redistributed at the end of the trip which is scheduled for starting on May 30th and concluding June 7th for my first trip if this goes well I will do the same for my second trip the end of June.

Any money totaling over $5k over buyin will result in a 1099 being issued to backers or tax withheld out of your end your choice.

I will update at start of each tourney with a picture of starting stack and receipt from each buyin. All updates from there on will be on breaks or major swing hands as sweating me is part of the reason you are buying in!!!!!
Lets make some money together and build a great relationship.

This package is for

Sattelites will include single table sattelites, early morning survivor satties( played 2 last and won both for$1600 piece ) an mega satties that will lead our eventual entry to bracelet events and to the MAIN EVENT!!!!!!!!!

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