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Hi everyone I am JJ De La Garza .I have been playing semi 2009-2011 and professionally since 2011. I am one of the biggest winning grinders in Los Angeles at the 5/5- 5/10 nl field. I won a Wsop Circuit ring in March 2018 and have won two other events in Los Angeles. I have run very well, I mainly play Cash games and play about 15-20 tournaments a year since 2015. I feel like my skill edge is above the curve I play full time,am a  Commentator for Live at the Bike poker show , coach poker, and have received coaching from very good players. I truly  believe in myself and my skill edge and am worth the 1.25 markup.  I personally hand picked the best value, softest, and best structure tournaments. 

17 EVENTS and  12 which are WSOP events

I over pack my schedule with tournaments almost everyday, the only way to play all these events is if I brick everything and don’t make any day twos of these events.  For instance, I have 4 colossus entries which are 565 each,  If I make it on the first try then you are reimbursed for the 3 entries I didn’t play. Also  any events not played will be reimbursed at the end of the WSOP. If you need further clarification   send me a message.

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