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Hi Guys -

Selling 50% @ NO MARKUP for my 2020 WSOP.com

Here is a link to my Hendonmob results :


I’m playing the following events :

Venmo : @WildChild916
Paypal : mikeriddle916@gmail.com (Send as FRIENDS & FAMILY)
Cash will be accepted as payment ONLY by people I already know IRL.
If payment is not made prior to the start of Event (12/13 @ noonpm) action will be considered unbooked. Any and all tournament entries are subject to cancellation at my discretion,
Updates will be made via Twitter : @ireraiz
I will be donating 5% of any and all profits to Reg Charity (https://reg-charity.org/) - I only ask/encourage others to look into and consider making a donation also.
Copies of tournament receipts available upon request.
Legal stuff: 1099s will be issued for cashes over $5k in net profit. Upon purchase of package, you agree to fill out/be responsible for your end of all necessary tax forms required by Uncle Sam, IF hopefully needed.
Email me if you have any questions, MikeRiddle916@gmail.com
Thanks for looking, and GL us. :)

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Upcoming Events: